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About the Mad Greek Menu

The Greek Sampler appetizer is on the menu at Mad Greek!

We take our food seriously. Mad Greek International Cafe is dedicated to providing a variety of Traditional Greek, Italian and American dishes so that everyone has something to enjoy!

Our specialties include our gyro, lasagna, one-price pizzas and of course our famous desserts. There's always something new to try, and we are always striving to bring a new and interesting dining experience to East Tennessee.

Be sure to check out our Bristol, Johnson City and Knoxville facebook pages for updated weekend specialty dishes! We know you're going to love the food, all you have to do is taste it.


Amazing avocado eggrolls with cilantro dipping sauce.

Avocado Egg Rolls 10.99

These Avocado Egg Rolls are straight out of a Pintrest dream and served up fresh with the Cilantro sauce you didn't even realize you were craving.

Greek Sampler Platter 14.99

Greece is the birthplace of democracy, so why not let all your taste buds be heard? With generous portions of Pita bread, Tzatziki, hummus and Zesty feta dip those no reason to leave any flavor out of the process.

Banana peppers and tomatoes grace the Calamari appetizer.

Calamari 10.99

A quintessential Mediterranean dish, freshly skewered by Poseidon's trident just for you. This nautical delight will go swimmingly on its own or with any other dish Mad Greek International Cafe has to offer.


The gyro at Mad Greek International Cafe.

Gyro Platter 13.99

We know our way around a gyro. You owe it to yourself to explore the tastes of the Grecian staple prepared just for you. Served with pita, a side of your choice, Tzatziki and a side salade, the gyro platter is truly a staple of Mad Greek.

Moussaka 12.99

Eggplant layered with ground beef, potatoes and topped with bechamel sauce, this is an absolutely scrumptious traditional greek item that begs to be eaten.

Spanikopita Platter 11.99

Take a pie and fill it with mouth-watering feta cheese and lucious spinach and you have the Greek specialty of Spanakopita. With two sides this vegetarian dish is an absolute must.

Greek Bifteki 14.99

What happens when you take the irresistable combination of three juicy beef patties, mix in a smattering of our delectable herbs and spices and serve it up right with two sides? You get our unmatchable Greek Bifteki!

Lasagna 11.99

Everybody agrees that Mad Greek's lasagna is a favorite, densely baked with the delicious layers of beef, cheese and noodely goodness that make this traditional Italian classic a modern Greek masterpiece.

Chicken or Beef Kabobs 13.99

Take all the wonderful flavors of Mad Greek goodness and put'em on a stick! Incredibly juicy meat and the wonderful veggie flavors that make these Kabobs a transcendent dining experience.


Mad Greek martinis are a colorful delight!

Martinis 5.00 (every Tuesday and Thurday)

Gorgeous cocktails that catch the colors of the rainbow in a glass for your enjoyment. Add a splash of something special to your Tuesday and Thursday when the Martinis are just 5.00 each.

The dense layers of a Mad Greek cake.

Cake by the Slice 5.99

Some things are just a matter of fate. Mad Greek's cake and your taste buds were simply destined to be together. Come in and check out the cakes we proudly display at our front counter and you will see why Mad Greek and dessert are one in the same.

House Wine 3.00 (every Wednesday)

Hump day is always a long one, and what better way to wind down than 3.00 house wine at your local Mad Greek? You're over halfway there, so let the celebration begin!